Elevator Door Panel Reinforcement Rib Automatic Welding Production Line

Üretici Firmanın Türkiye Distribütörü: Nexbent

  • Done Güvenli Ticaret
  • Done Zamanında Teslim
  • Done Çin'e Gitmeden Türkiye'den Sipariş


Elevator door panel reinforcement rib automatic welding production line

  • Reduce production costs, output power frequency 1KHZ, time accuracy ms level.
  • Fast welding speed, double-head (customizable multi-head) gantry welding.
  • Save more than 30% of electricity, choose intermediate frequency solder mask controller.
  • The equipment runs stably, and imported electrical components are mostly used.
  • Humanized control, optional fully automatic and semi-automatic.
  • Electrode life more than doubled.